What is clienteling and how does it actually work?

Clienteling is mostly known as an art used by luxury retail brands to establish long-term relationships with their top tier customers based on knowledge established over time about their preferences, behaviours and purchases.

Technology advances today allow any brand to build close relationships with their customers. Information that used to be stored in an associate’s black book can now be surfaced into a single customer view enabling brands to equip their associates with the capability to create one-to-one outreach based on meaningful information about customers’ likes, dislikes, needs and emotions. We help associates to find that reason to connect, to inspire and “wow” their customers whilst automating the tasks around important dates and occasions to ensure that opportunities to reach out are not lost amongst the deluge of daily activities.

Why is there a need for clienteling?

Traditionally, retail was built around the ability to provide the best service possible in order to ensure customers stayed loyal to a particular brand. Competition from other retailers was predominantly driven by geographic location. With the introduction and convenience of online shopping we are able to buy items from multiple brands all over the world. Now, all retailers, not just luxury retailers, must ensure that they provide a consistent customer experience across each and every touch point, from ease of transaction and returns policies to in-store experience and post purchase service. Clienteling is the future and a way in which you can accommodate both physical and virtual 1-1 experiences with your customers. Real time clienteling combines traditional retail values and digital insights to enable a deeper understanding of customer behaviours and preferences. By getting closer to your customers you can exceed expectations and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Why is it important to unify in-store and online customer behaviour?

When we shop online, we leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs that is incredibly valuable but typically not visible to in-store shopping teams. Conversely, the in-store shopping experience is usually an enigma to most digital teams. The importance of bringing channels together into a single view is critical as it enables brands to understand the customer in a way that is more insightful. When you have full visibility of your customer information is available across all channels no matter where the data was originally generated. This rich data can be used by in-store associates, head office staff and remote teams to inform whoever touches and serves the customer regardless of channel.

Virtual commerce is the new storefront

In today’s world the advance of virtual commerce means brands need to serve the customer wherever he or she is. You must strive to provide the same level of service, personalised interaction and inspiration whether online, in-store or at home. Virtual commerce is the new storefront and brands need to be able to effectively serve the customer taking the brand story, inspiration and passion directly to the consumer. Virtual commerce has the potential to influence how consumers connect, choose and purchase products forever and being able to connect “in the moment” with customers is a key pillar of successful virtual commerce.