Jaeger has epitomized classic British style since 1884, making their name by working the finest animal fibres - camel hair, alpaca, and merino wool - into iconic pieces so perfectly crafted that they could be worn, kept, and loved forever. With Proximity Insight’s Dynamic Clienteling, Jaeger are embarking on a new path of digital transformation.
Case Studies
Fresh to CRM
The Clienteling Product for Jaeger was implemented as an entirely new CRM system, demonstrating that Proximity Insight delivers all the might of its Salesforce base while being tailored to suit a true retail use case. Core requirements satisfied include being able to link in with all external systems, including POS, Ecommerce, and BI tools; while delivering the look and feel that is imperative for a customer facing retail tool.

Drive In-Store Traffic

The Key to Omni
Benefits to Jaeger include using the communities feature to manage customer service requests across the business, then moving tasks and appointment straight out of the communication tool into a daily schedule, and using the client book to generate customer outreach from the shop floor.

Proximity Insight