iBeacon technology tells your sales associates who is shopping at any point in time. Alerts notify
staff when a scheduled appointment has arrived, or when a VIP client has just walked in the door. iBeacons also trigger location based messages inside the store to deliver a truly contextual marketing experience. The campaign management tool controls content and frequency of messages. The reporting tool evaluates the open and conversion rates for each campaign.

Apple Watch
The Proximity Insight Apple Watch App demonstrates how iBeacon technology can be leveraged in-store, allowing brands to become more location-aware of their clientele. Personalized marketing & automated triggers can be configured to target the right clientele, with the right content, at the right time. Sales staff can receive notifications in real-time in non-invasive fashion through wearable tech. Features include passive monitoring of floorspace traffic, active identification of brand influencers, and VIP real-time notification sent to
Proximity Insight